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Picture of Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend Review

Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$$$ ($30-$40) – Available at Aesop.
Scent: Warm blend of orange and cedar wood with a hint of clove.
I like: the multi-functional aspect of this essential oil blend. In addition to its use as an aromatherapy burner oil, the blend can be added in very small doses to carrier oils for skincare.

Aesop’s Catherine Oil Burner Blend is a lovely proprietary mix of essential oils. Made primarily with essential oils of orange, cedar wood, and clove, Catherine Oil warms the senses and settles the mind with its distinct complexity. Though Aesop markets the essential oil blend for burner use, I experimented with the oil by adding three drops of the blend to one ounce of a carrier oil for use as a body moisturizer. (Note: always take a look at an essential oil blend’s ingredients list before using them for skincare. Some essential oil blends offered by not-so-natural companies may contain synthetic ingredients not suitable for use on the skin. Thankfully, Aesop has a strong reputation for using natural, plant-based ingredients in its products.) The body oil blend turned out beautifully with a relaxing, subtle scent. When used as an adjunct in skincare, Aesop’s Catherine Oil will add a pleasant, relaxing aromatic dimension to plant-based carrier oils like argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, camellia oil and sweet almond oil. When used in an essential oil burner or diffuser, Catherine Oil Burner Blend will make your home smell like a relaxing, luxurious spa.

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Josie Maran Cosmetics 100% Pure Argan Oil Review

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) for a half-ounce bottle – Available at Sephora and Josie Maran.
Scent: fragrance-free.
I like: how incredibly light and nourishing this moisturizer is on the skin.  Absorbs easily.
Not a fan of: the high price tag.

An increasing number of people are using argan oil as a natural skin moisturizer, and for good reason.  It’s a light, natural oil that’s incredibly nourishing.  The oil works well as a daily moisturizer.  I use it once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.  I’ve tried various brands of argan oil and Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil ranks highly in terms of quality and effectiveness.  It doesn’t have a funny smell and the dropper makes it easy to apply.  All it takes is 2-3 drops per application and you’re good to go for the day.  I’ll sometimes use a little more in dry weather conditions.  Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Oil is a bit expensive, but the quality is exceptional.  A half-ounce bottle should last approximately one month.

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In my attempt to look ten years younger, I prep and shave my beard with the following products: Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Face Wash, Beta Naturals All-In-One Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer, and Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Shave Gel.  Watch the video to see if I succeed in my pursuit of youth.

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pre-shave oil argan oil Beta Naturals mint shaving review cool cooling all natural razor burn bumps

All you need: Beta Naturals All-In-One Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer – Crisp Mint

pre-shave oil argan oil Beta Naturals mint shaving review ingredients cool cooling all natural razor burn bumps

All natural ingredients: Beta Naturals All-In-One Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at Beta Naturals.
Scent: Refreshing blend of peppermint and rosemary.
I like: that this product is completely all natural.  Love its versatility – consolidates many grooming elements into one simple product.  Can be used it as a shave oil and after shave moisturizer.  Invigorating natural mint scent.
Not a fan of: nothing.

Many guys don’t like to spend the time to shop for skin care.  Even I sometimes get exhausted just trying to figure out what grooming products to try next.  Beta Naturals All-In-One Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer was developed to help men simplify their shaving routines.  It’s basically a shaving oil and an aftershave balm/moisturizer in one convenient all-natural product.  It provides a nice glide for your razor while you shave and helps your skin recover post-shave.   The Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer has a very light consistency and absorbs well into the skin.  It won’t clog pores or razors.  Oils of argan, jojoba, and grapeseed nourish and soothe while peppermint and rosemary refresh and cool.  Lavender (sensitive skin) and Earl Grey (all skin types) options are also available.  If you want to streamline your grooming routine while minimizing bumps and razor burn, try Beta Naturals All-In-One Clean Shave Oil + Moisturizer.  It could change the way you shave.

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Argan oil for acne, skin, face, hair and more. Beta Naturals Argan Oil review.

Beta Naturals 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

Argan oil for acne, skin, face, hair and more. Beta Naturals Argan Oil review and ingredients.

Beta Naturals 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil Ingredients

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at Beta Naturals and Amazon.
Scent: None.
I like: how well this product moisturizes without leaving your skin greasy. It is all-natural and absorbs easily into the skin.
Not a fan of: nothing.  This is a phenomenal versatile moisturizer that works particularly well for those with dry skin.

Argan oil might be the single most nourishing natural skin care ingredient available on the market.  My research into this awesome extract eventually led me to launch a skin care company.  Prior to starting Beta Naturals,  I couldn’t find a lot of information relating to men on the use of argan oil.  If you’re a guy and this is the first time you’re hearing about argan oil, then it is my absolute pleasure to educate you on its benefits.  I love how versatile Beta Naturals Pure Argan Oil is.  I use it in the morning as a naturally soothing aftershave and before bed as a nighttime moisturizer for the face and eye area.  The high vitamin e content in this product helps the skin recover quickly from shaving.  Essential fatty acids make Beta Naturals Argan Oil an ideal anti-aging product as well.  Don’t let the word “oil” fool you into thinking it is thick and greasy – on the contrary, the consistency of the product is very light and absorbs easily into the skin.  Any initial shine dissipates quickly.  It does not clog pores and works well at regulating oil production – my skin does not overcompensate and produce excess oil whenever I use the product.  Beta Naturals Pure Argan Oil has no scent, nutty or otherwise, and won’t interfere with any fragrances you might be wearing.  The one ounce bottle may seem small, but it packs a punch – a little goes a very long way in moisturizing – I usually just rub 1-2 drops between the fingertips and apply.  Now that I have opened your eyes to the wonderful world of Beta Naturals 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil, are adventurous enough to try it?

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How to Look Like Steve Jobs Caulfields Counter Commencement Speech Mac iPhone iPad iPad Job men's grooming St. Croix mock turtleneck New Balance 991 sneakers

Create your own reality distortion field.

Still looking for a Halloween costume?  Don’t fret.  Pay tribute to Steve Jobs by stealing his style.  It’s a look most people will immediately recognize.  Looking like the father of Apple is an affordable, straightforward process that involves three easy steps: 1) getting the right haircut, 2) proper beard trimming, and 3) finding the right wardrobe.

Step 1: Getting the Right Haircut
Ask your barber to use a “#8” all around (sides, back, and top) with no to very little tapering.  Style using Aveda’s Control Paste – this will give your hair a clean, effortless look.  Work a small amount into your palms and fingertips then apply using a gentle gliding motion to keep stray and flyaway hair in check.

Step 2: Trimming your Beard Properly
Keep your facial hair sleek and clean.  Use an attachment (usually it’s a #2) with your beard trimmer that will leave you with a 1/4″ facial hair length.  Your beard should start just below the cheek bone (from the top) and end about 3/4″ above the center of your adam’s apple (no pun intended).  After trimming your beard, moisturize your beard and skin with Beta Naturals 100% Pure Argan Oil Moisturizer – an effective, all-natural cruelty-free (Steve would approve) product to soothe your skin and soften your beard.

Step 3: Wear the Right Clothes and Accessories
Unless you’re a purist, you can pull off the Steve Jobs look without having to dip into your savings.  With the economy being so unstable, there’s no need to buy a $185 black mock turtleneck from St. Croix.  Instead, I suggest picking up a similar top from JC Penney or Sears for around $20.  For the pants, break out a pair of stonewash “dad” jeans or Levi’s 501 (Steve’s choice).  To complete the wardrobe, put on a pair of New Balance 991 running shoes or comparable 1980s-looking sneakers.  Accessorize with round eyeglasses (rimless preferred) and an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Step 4 (optional): Have Fun
Nonchalantly browse an Apple store, solicit photographs outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, or start a Steve Jobs flash mob.

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