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Picture of Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend Review

Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$$$ ($30-$40) – Available at Aesop.
Scent: Warm blend of orange and cedar wood with a hint of clove.
I like: the multi-functional aspect of this essential oil blend. In addition to its use as an aromatherapy burner oil, the blend can be added in very small doses to carrier oils for skincare.

Aesop’s Catherine Oil Burner Blend is a lovely proprietary mix of essential oils. Made primarily with essential oils of orange, cedar wood, and clove, Catherine Oil warms the senses and settles the mind with its distinct complexity. Though Aesop markets the essential oil blend for burner use, I experimented with the oil by adding three drops of the blend to one ounce of a carrier oil for use as a body moisturizer. (Note: always take a look at an essential oil blend’s ingredients list before using them for skincare. Some essential oil blends offered by not-so-natural companies may contain synthetic ingredients not suitable for use on the skin. Thankfully, Aesop has a strong reputation for using natural, plant-based ingredients in its products.) The body oil blend turned out beautifully with a relaxing, subtle scent. When used as an adjunct in skincare, Aesop’s Catherine Oil will add a pleasant, relaxing aromatic dimension to plant-based carrier oils like argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, camellia oil and sweet almond oil. When used in an essential oil burner or diffuser, Catherine Oil Burner Blend will make your home smell like a relaxing, luxurious spa.

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BEAUTYOILS.CO Camellia Oil Moisturizer - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Tsubaki Face Beauty Oil Review

BEAUTYOILS.CO Camellia Oil Moisturizer – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Tsubaki Face Beauty Oil

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at BEAUTYOILS.CO and Amazon.
Scent: fragrance-free.
I like: how light the oil feels. Nourishing and versatile – ideal moisturizer for all skin types.
Not a fan of: nothing. This natural serum has virtually no scent and absorbs easily into the skin.

BEAUTYOILS.CO 100% Pure Camellia Tsubaki Beauty Face Oil is an effective nourishing moisturizer that works wonderfully well at maintaining skin softness and elasticity.  The oil is clear, light, and has nearly no scent.  BEAUTYOILS.CO’s Camellia Oil has a non-greasy feel and absorbs easily into the skin, which makes it ideal for dry and combination skin types.  I applied the camellia oil on my face and neck every morning for a week to combat the effects of washing and shaving.  My face felt healthy and properly moisturized throughout each day.  I did not experience any breakouts while using the oil.  The Japanese have benefitted from using camellia oil as a beauty aid for centuries.  Thankfully, Western cultures have finally caught on to the benefits of this simple yet sublime oil.  Adopt BEAUTYOILS.CO 100% Pure Camellia Tsubaki Beauty Face Oil into your skin care routine if you’re looking for a potent natural moisturizer that keeps those pesky fine lines at bay.

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Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil Review on Caulfield's Counter

Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at Amazon.
Scent: fragrance-free, though the oil does have a faint, naturally occurring nutty smell.
I like: the lightness of the oil.  Absorbs easily.  Versatile – can be used on skin and hair.
Not a fan of: the clear bottle.  Wished it was colored to protect the oil from light.

Asian cultures have incorporated camellia oil into their beauty routines for centuries.  The oil is known to be a light, versatile moisturizer for skin, hair, and scalp.  During a recent trip to Japan, I picked up a bottle of Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil to find out what all the fuss was about.  Though it is commonly marketed as a hair oil, I’ve grown to enjoy using camellia oil on my skin in the morning as an aftershave and at night before going to bed.  Camellia oil is heavier than argan oil, but light enough for people with dry skin to use on the face.  The oil has a very faint, naturally occurring nutty smell that quickly dissipates after application.  Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil comes in a unique, traditional-looking clear glass bottle that dispenses a few drops at a time.

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