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Create your own reality distortion field.

Still looking for a Halloween costume?  Don’t fret.  Pay tribute to Steve Jobs by stealing his style.  It’s a look most people will immediately recognize.  Looking like the father of Apple is an affordable, straightforward process that involves three easy steps: 1) getting the right haircut, 2) proper beard trimming, and 3) finding the right wardrobe.

Step 1: Getting the Right Haircut
Ask your barber to use a “#8” all around (sides, back, and top) with no to very little tapering.  Style using Aveda’s Control Paste – this will give your hair a clean, effortless look.  Work a small amount into your palms and fingertips then apply using a gentle gliding motion to keep stray and flyaway hair in check.

Step 2: Trimming your Beard Properly
Keep your facial hair sleek and clean.  Use an attachment (usually it’s a #2) with your beard trimmer that will leave you with a 1/4″ facial hair length.  Your beard should start just below the cheek bone (from the top) and end about 3/4″ above the center of your adam’s apple (no pun intended).  After trimming your beard, moisturize your beard and skin with Beta Naturals 100% Pure Argan Oil Moisturizer – an effective, all-natural cruelty-free (Steve would approve) product to soothe your skin and soften your beard.

Step 3: Wear the Right Clothes and Accessories
Unless you’re a purist, you can pull off the Steve Jobs look without having to dip into your savings.  With the economy being so unstable, there’s no need to buy a $185 black mock turtleneck from St. Croix.  Instead, I suggest picking up a similar top from JC Penney or Sears for around $20.  For the pants, break out a pair of stonewash “dad” jeans or Levi’s 501 (Steve’s choice).  To complete the wardrobe, put on a pair of New Balance 991 running shoes or comparable 1980s-looking sneakers.  Accessorize with round eyeglasses (rimless preferred) and an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Step 4 (optional): Have Fun
Nonchalantly browse an Apple store, solicit photographs outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, or start a Steve Jobs flash mob.

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