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Zirh Body Bar Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA Review Caulfields Counter male skincare mens grooming back acne

Zirh Body Bar - Smells fresh and helps clear body acne.

Zirh Body Bar Ingredients List Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA Review Caulfields Counter male skincare mens grooming back acne

Zirh Body Bar Ingredients List

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at Amazon.
Scent: Fresh, cool, slightly citrusy.
I Like: how the alpha hydroxy acids help to keep body acne and breakouts at bay.  The refreshing fragrance.  This bar lasts longer than the usual drugstore-bought soaps – it doesn’t soften up in the shower.
I don’t like: how the soap can dry out the skin if used too often. 

Zirh’s Body Bar is ideal for anyone who is battling acne of the back, chest, arms, neck, or buttocks.  That’s right – our bottoms are prone to occasional acne breakouts and ingrown hairs.  The soap’s alpha hydroxy acid content helps to clear the skin.  The bar smells fresh – citrusy with a hint of menthol.   I recommend using this soap as a compliment to your everyday soap or body wash.  If you use the Zirh Body Bar all the time, you run the risk of drying out your skin – something that could actually cause more breakouts.  At $15, this soap is on the pricey side.  However,
it holds up very well in the shower.  You don’t have to worry about the bar prematurely disintegrating.  If you’re regularly experiencing body breakouts, give the Zirh Body Bar a try.  Don’t forget to moisturize after every shower.  It will help keep your body from overproducing oils, which could lead to acne.  Please note: Use this bar soap on areas other than the face. Using the Zirh Body Bar on your face may result in dryness and irritation.

Update (9/21/11): I just found out that Procter & Gamble is killing off the Zirh brand.  More info can be found here and here.  I suggest stocking up now if you like their products.

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Kiehls Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap Review Ingredients List Caulfields Counter Male Skincare mens grooming exfoliate

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap with Ingredients List

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $$ ($10-$20) – Available at Kiehl’s and Nordstrom.
Scent: Refreshing citrus.
I Liked: the scent, its effectiveness at exfoliating, and how long the bar lasted.
I didn’t like: nothing.  However, those with body acne or other skin conditions may want to consider a less-abrasive exfoliating soap or cleanser.

I’m normally not a fan of bar soaps, as most of them typically contain harsh synthetic ingredients that over-dry and irritate the skin.  Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap is an exception.  It has an invigorating citrus scent that is masculine, but not overpowering.  The combination of bran, oatmeal, and pumice effectively sloughs away dull, flaky skin.  Because the soap is quite abrasive, I do not recommend using it on the face or on any area of the body with acne.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the bar held up in the shower.  It didn’t get soft like the majority of the soaps I’ve used.  Spoil yourself by giving this refreshing, exfoliating bar soap a try.

Want a shot at winning this great Kiehl’s product?

To find out how to qualify, please visit the Contests section.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected.  The deadline to qualify for this contest is Sunday, July 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.  Good luck!

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Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum product review Caulfield's Counter male skincare mens grooming moisturize anti-aging

Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum

Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum Ingredients List product review male skincare skin care men's grooming moisturizer anti-aging

Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum Ingredients List

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $$$$$ (over $50) – Available at LabSeries.com, Macy’s, and Sephora.
Scent: Hardly noticeable fragrance similar to that of cold cream.
I Liked: how it kept my skin clear.  The serum was light and not greasy.
I didn’t like: the small size of the product.

There is a lot of science behind the Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum.  I honestly can’t tell you exactly how this stuff works – the serum is loaded with a number of trendy plant-based ingredients including extracts of algae, coffee, pomegranate, blueberry, and sea whip.  The product was effective at keeping my complexion clear – probably due in large part to its salicylic acid content.  The serum can be used anytime, but I rationed and used it mainly at night before bed – mostly because I only had one ounce of product to work with.  If you seek a high quality anti-aging moisturizer that is effective at clearing your complexion, I recommend giving the Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum a try.

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Stretch marks suck.  They occur when the skin can’t keep up with the rapid growth of the body due to weight gain,  hormones/puberty/growth spurts, or muscle building.  They easily appear but they don’t naturally completely disappear.  Try stretching a thick, old rubber band and you’ll see what essentially happens to the skin when it expands too quickly.  Stretch marks affect a number of people, from pregnant women to male athletes.  We can’t escape them, but we can do our best to avoid them.  Here are some simple over-the-counter tips to keep the stretch marks to a minimum:


Regularly moisturize any areas of the body that stretch with lotions or creams containing shea or cocoa butter as well as vitamin e.  Natural serums and oils rich in vitamin e, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids such as 100% pure argan oil also work well at preventing stretch marks and scars by nourishing the skin and helping to increase the skin’s elasticity.  Areas of the body that are susceptible to stretch marks include the upper arms, underarms, pectorals, thighs, hips, back, breasts, around the knees, belly (front and sides), and buttocks.  If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try using pure shea or cocoa butter.  While extremely viscous and nutty smelling, these butters help make the skin much more elastic and thus more adaptable to rapid expansion.

Stretch Mark Prevention Prevent Shea Butter Body Cream Vitamin e Caulfields Counter Men Male skincare

Body creams made with shea or cocoa butter aid in making the skin more elastic.

Over-the Counter Treatment

There is no true natural remedy for treating existing stretch marks.  You can, however, help diminish the appearance of stretch marks by regularly applying scar gels such as Mederma and Derma E.  Keep in mind that if you use scar gels, they should be applied five times daily in order for them to be somewhat effective.  Don’t expect miracles.  If you’re lucky, you may notice some slight improvement over a two month period of using scar gels.

Stretch mark treatment treat scar gel mederma cvs caulfields counter onion extract men male skincare skin care

Scar gels can help diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks.

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