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Apricot Kernel Oil is an effective, all-natural way to regulate your skin’s oil production.  High in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E, this light oil is ideal for oily and normal skin types.  Apricot Kernel Oil also works well on mature skin, especially on the areas around the eyes and throat, because of its tightening and astringent properties.  When purchasing natural beauty oils, be sure they are cold- or expeller-pressed.  I also recommend buying natural beauty oils that come in amber-colored bottles.  The colored bottles help protect the precious oils from light, thus maintaining the oil’s effectiveness.

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Soap Deluxe Green Bar Sporty Outgoing Caulfields Counter Mens grooming natural

Artisanal Natural Brand: Soap Deluxe's "Sporty Outgoing" Bar Soap

Soap-Deluxe-Green-Bar-Ingredients List Caulfields Counter Mens grooming natural

Soap Deluxe's "Sporty Outgoing" Bar Soap Ingredients List

As someone who is developing a business, I appreciate other emerging business owners who focus on being environmentally-responsible.  One such company is Soap Deluxe, a maker of  natural, cruelty-free handmade soaps based in the United Kingdom.  I met Soap Deluxe’s founder, Philip Woolley, by chance through YouTube.  Philip contacted me one day about one of my videos, “Bar Soap vs. Face or Body Wash – Which One is Better?”  In this video, I tout the advantages of using liquid body washes without really considering the benefits of bar soaps.  With Phillip’s help, I now realize I was generalizing when I spoke about both body washes and bar soaps in the video.  Not all body washes and bar soaps are made the same.  Many commercially-made big brand liquid cleansers and bar soaps contain chemicals that can over-dry and irritate your skin.  What I should have said in the video was pay close attention to the ingredients of the body washes and bar soaps you purchase.  Stick to products with more natural ingredients whenever possible.  Your skin will benefit from it.

Pictured above is Soap Deluxe’s Green bar soap, characterized as “outgoing sporty.”   The scent is a refreshing blend of basil, rosemary, ginger and fennel.  Ideal for use in the morning or after a workout.

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Stretch marks suck.  They occur when the skin can’t keep up with the rapid growth of the body due to weight gain,  hormones/puberty/growth spurts, or muscle building.  They easily appear but they don’t naturally completely disappear.  Try stretching a thick, old rubber band and you’ll see what essentially happens to the skin when it expands too quickly.  Stretch marks affect a number of people, from pregnant women to male athletes.  We can’t escape them, but we can do our best to avoid them.  Here are some simple over-the-counter tips to keep the stretch marks to a minimum:


Regularly moisturize any areas of the body that stretch with lotions or creams containing shea or cocoa butter as well as vitamin e.  Natural serums and oils rich in vitamin e, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids such as 100% pure argan oil also work well at preventing stretch marks and scars by nourishing the skin and helping to increase the skin’s elasticity.  Areas of the body that are susceptible to stretch marks include the upper arms, underarms, pectorals, thighs, hips, back, breasts, around the knees, belly (front and sides), and buttocks.  If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try using pure shea or cocoa butter.  While extremely viscous and nutty smelling, these butters help make the skin much more elastic and thus more adaptable to rapid expansion.

Stretch Mark Prevention Prevent Shea Butter Body Cream Vitamin e Caulfields Counter Men Male skincare

Body creams made with shea or cocoa butter aid in making the skin more elastic.

Over-the Counter Treatment

There is no true natural remedy for treating existing stretch marks.  You can, however, help diminish the appearance of stretch marks by regularly applying scar gels such as Mederma and Derma E.  Keep in mind that if you use scar gels, they should be applied five times daily in order for them to be somewhat effective.  Don’t expect miracles.  If you’re lucky, you may notice some slight improvement over a two month period of using scar gels.

Stretch mark treatment treat scar gel mederma cvs caulfields counter onion extract men male skincare skin care

Scar gels can help diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks.

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Daily Detox Cleanse Caulfields Counter Clear Skin

A simple daily morning routine will get you on the right track.

We often forget the importance of going to the bathroom regularly.  We constantly subject our bodies to foods and drinks that do more harm than good.  Symptoms of retaining toxins in the body include skin breakouts, constipation, and fatigue – all of which can make life a living hell.  Because of our continuous exposure to toxins, we should encourage our bodies to have “number ones” and “number twos” on a more consistent basis.  I don’t recommend buying into one of the wildly popular and expensive celebrity-endorsed “cleansing” programs.  The same cathartic effects can be achieved by incorporating two inexpensive, quick and easy steps into your daily morning routine.  Take a look at the video below to see what these two steps are.

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