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40 Carrots Carrot + Cucumber Eye Gel Caulfield's Counter Product Review

40 Carrots Carrot + Cucumber Eye Gel

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Price: $$ ($10-$20)
Scent: No noticeable scent.
I liked: the effectiveness of the gel as a moisturizer. Paraben free.
I didn’t like: the mild stinging sensation the gel caused around the eyelids.

I am still searching for an eye gel that I really like.  Time has taken a toll on the area around my eyes.  With each passing year the folds around them become more noticeable.  I’ve never looked more like an insomniac with my dark circles and puffy eyelids.  Who do I turn to?  What works?  On a whim, I decided to buy 40 Carrots Carrot +Cucumber Eye Gel from Amazon.  During the first few weeks of use, I experienced a mild stinging sensation – not something I was accustomed to.  The retinol in the product caused some slight discomfort, but the feeling disappeared two minutes after application.  As a moisturizer, 40 Carrots Eye Gel is effective.  However, I want an eye gel to “wake my eyes up.”  If I spend more than $10 for half an ounce of eye gel, I expect it to somewhat impress me.  Overall, I didn’t care much for the gel.  I didn’t notice any smoothing out of lines around my eyes nor did the dark circles get lighter.  I still haven’t found what that great eye gel I’m looking for.  Maybe I should start wearing sunglasses 24/7.

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Who needs eye gel when you can have this?

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