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Yao Pau Dirk NBA Armpits

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Price: $ (under $10).  Available at Crystal and Amazon.
Scent: None
I liked: how natural it was – unlike antiperspirants, this product did not leave ugly, caked-on yellow underarm stains on my shirts. Great value – it lasts up to an entire year.
I didn’t like: how fragile it was – try not to drop it on a hard surface.

I used to hate it when my shirts would get those disgusting, caked-on yellow pit stains.  That was when I relied heavily on antiperspirant deodorants to combat body odor – I would slather that stuff under my arms every day not knowing that it would end up ruining countless t-shirts and polos.  Despite switching brands (I went from Degree to Arrid, then back to Degree) the stain problem persisted…until I discovered the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick.  I initially had my doubts about using what is essentially a smooth salt rock to prevent body odor – how could it possibly work?  Apparently, the crystal leaves a trace of natural mineral salts which remain on the skin and fight odor-causing bacteria.  After using the crystal deodorant for a few months, I noticed my shirts no longer had the residue in the underarm  area.  More importantly, the crystal was effective in combating body odor.  While there are rumors of risks associated with the use of antiperspirants (Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer have been linked to its long-term use), you should try using the crystal not only because it is safer, but also because it is effective at fighting body odor without ruining shirts. The Crystal Body Deodorant Stick is legit.

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