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Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Deodorant Powder Review

Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Deodorant Powder

Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Natural Deodorant Powder Ingredients List

Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Deodorant Powder Ingredients

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Price: $ (under $10) – Available at Deodorant Stones and Lucky Vitamin.
Scent: Unscented
I Like: how natural and simple the product is.  Made with only two ingredients.
Not a fan of: nothing.  You might have to reapply throughout the day if you have heavy perspiration.

If you’re tired of using wet, sticky roll-on and stick deodorants made with numerous chemicals and potential irritants, then you may want to consider trying Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Deodorant Powder.  This simple unscented deodorant powder is made with only two ingredients, without preservatives, talc, or aluminum chlorohydrate.  While this deodorant does keep the stink at bay for a few hours, I have to reapply the powder throughout the day to stay comfortable and dry.  This powder also works well at keeping other body parts naturally fresh.  Try applying Thai Crystal & Cornstarch Deodorant Powder on your feet before going to the office or gym to minimize foot funk and itchiness.

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